Are those happy tissues or sad tissues?

For most of this week our house has been looking like a tissue graveyard.  Dead tissues have been congregating in the most unlikely of places… and this probably because all the likely place were already previously occupied with well… with other dead tissues.  And the reason for the dust bunnyish dead tissue infestation?  We have been visited by the plague…..  Again!!!

It’s been a rather bad winter for the number of illnesses we’ve managed to pick up – flu, head colds, throat infections, sinusitis, an ear infection and other things in a general ‘sort of plague theme’..  The only one who has managed to made it through relatively unscathed is the Small Child.  Though I have no idea why given that he spends most of his time with other people’s snotty children and has the worst diet known to childkind (if it ain’t a chicken nugget he don’t want it).

And even though I feel I’ve had my turn with the nasty Head Cold from Hell barely five weeks ago when we came back from Canberra Babylon I think I’m starting to get that tickle in the back of my throat feeling again…

….get your mind out of the gutter!!!!

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