You gotta laugh.

So yeah… this is funny. 

I had my mobile phone with Goliath (who I worked for briefly last year) since 1994.  I never had problems with reception, global roaming was easy (so long as your wallet could handle being sodomized).  Admittedly the bills were generally far too cunning to be understood… but on the whole the service ‘worked’ fine.

It’s been approx four days since I switched providers and signed on with The Other™ telecommunications company and lo and behold –  they have a cable cut which happens to coincide with some sort of card failure on their back up system that causes a STATE WIDE outage for mobile phones, internets and landlines for some.  It also caused outages for people whose providers piggy backed off he Other™ provider’s network. 

Medicare facilities were down.  Banks were unable to process transactions.  Hospitals were off line.  EFTPOS facilities weren’t working.  ATMs were rendered useless.  Airport checkins couldn’t access their systems.   Fun and games for the whole family I say.  You’d think that all hell would break loose and that you’d be having aggressive and pissed off customers all over the place… but mostly the people I spoke to  yesterday found the whole thing amusing really.

Still even though the lack of service rendered my iPhone useless for the duration I find that it’s intrinsic sexiness was not diminished by it’s inability to function as a phone!!!   😛

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