Ow Ow Ow! Fuckity Ow!

I NEVER asked for the anal probe!
I never ASKED for the anal probe!
I never asked FOR the anal probe!
I never asked for the ANAL PROBE!  Goddammit!!!

And yet… I feel rather like I just got totally reamed complete with sandy lube on this one.

My little dawg Caesar had a tick on him last night.  I discovered it about 11pm so it was off to the all night vet.  Now I know very little about animal and puppy medicine and even less about paralysis ticks so it was one of those situations where you just have to trust in the guy in the costume and take their advice. Last night he told us that we seemed to have found the tick fairly early and his symptoms weren’t too far gone (i noticed he was kinda coughing and he was walking like he was drunk or something – I was all ready to accuse Angus of getting Caesar stoned but remembered that Angus doesn’t go to the State School anymore so is no longer likely to get easy access to serious narcotics or hallucinogenic substances.

Anyway one mercy dash to the vet clinic later and 18 hours of puppy admitted for ‘treatment’ (wasn’t overly defined at the time) and I get the bill… for


and how many cents….  mumble fuck…  mumble fuck… pfaff with papers … here it is


Holy shit I could have bought a new one with that much money!  (Yeah i know – bad joke)

So it makes me think you know… I love my dog but… at what point does affection for your mutt overcome your need to oh, I don’t know buy groceries and maybe pay the rates or something?  

Tell me what you think