Embracing the drama.

I got in this morning and went down to the lovely ladies in the cheque room to see if my Grossly Overdue Cheques (Yes, they’ve taken on enough importance in my day to deserve capitalization) were printed overnight.  And… again I was advised that they hadn’t seen ’em. 
Fuck, fuck, fuckety, fuck, fuck!!!
But I eventually found them and hand delivered them to the ladies to process immediately.  And didn’t I niaively think that would be my cheque drama for the day.  When I came back with the Grossly Overdue Cheques from hell – I was handed about 70 fiftly leaf cheque books all printed upside-fucking-down.  Yes that’s right.  QA is soooo good here – that no one in the laser department realized they had printed the damn things upside down on the stock, and they forwarded them on to be bound into cheques like that!
I am dumbfounded.  I can’t handhold every damn person in the process to make sure that something… anything!!!… leaves this place correctly!  I’ve long since given up on having things completed within agreed time frames, but asking for something to be completed with some modicum of care for the final product… is that too much to ask of these dumb bastards?

Okay … they’re not dumb bastards.  Actually most of them are really nice guys…. (and a couple not to bad on the eye 😉 but they’re starting to drive me crazy with stupid little things that end up being absolute emergencies for me due to their inability to monitor the quality of their own work .  MadMark who left last week, said that every chickie who starts working in Customer Service eventually ends up crying into their Work Orders because they can’t handle the pressure… and I’ve promised myself I will not succumb…. I don’t want to be blubbering at work like I can’t cope….. but shit!  I’m just so frustrated with this continutal nonsense that it’s proving harder than anticpated for me to hold it together.

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