Speed Poetry from BluddyMary

BluddyMary, who obviously needs to be more challenged in her current employment, just sent me a poem she wrote in her lunch break!  Now ordinarily I’d be saying ‘Don’t work too hard Mary’… but I see there is no danger of that!  Thanks for the sentiment… ’tis very cute!

Reflections on a woman’s place in the Middle East..
from my desk in Chatswood

Ms Robyn’s gone to Quetta

Pakistani soldiers to protect her
So Al Quaeda doesn’t get her
Diggers would be better

Observe local customs to the letter
So the Mullahs will not vet her
Do I see flesh? You’d better
be quick and grab a sweater!

That was ten minutes well spent Ms Mary, I sure appreciated the giggle while stuck here in my pampered prison ….    ‘Yes, Shahid… I’d love another cup of tea… by the way… do we have any fresh mango from the market this morning?’  🙂

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