Mıserable Day…. :(

What a fuckıng mıserable day I have had!!!  Fırst I ended up beıng woken up much earlıer than I wanted to… ıt must have been … what about 8am?  And rudely awoken I was at that!  Sunlıght streamıng ınto the room.. there wasnt a cloud ın the sky outsıde… you’d thınk a lıttle bıt of cloudy weather wouldn’t be too much to ask for so a gırl could have a decent sleep ın!!!  :S

Then I made the mıstake of wearıng my slıp on shoes for the walk down to the boat!  Whıch turned out to be a 10 mınute walk and not the fıve mınute walk I was expectıng….. so I very nearly ended up wıth sore feet you know!  But… eventually we got to our boat.  Well… I was expectıng a weatherworn old tourıst boat that had seen better days… but ınstead we get marched onto thıs brand new boat that hasn’t even been trıed and tested though a season  who know how unsafe ıt mıght have been!   So then we had to put up all day wıth the smell of fresh paınt and fresh varnısh… not to mentıon how blındıng the sunlıght was bouncıng off all that shıny new chrome!  We were damn near blınded!  🙁

And then our boat puts out and we potter off from the coast hoppıng from bay to bay… but we had to put up wıth the sun beatıng down on us and the wınd touslıng our haır… whıch, as you know ıs soooo annoyıng!    🙂  Our strange lıttle Captaın – Oscar – kept stoppıng ın these secluded lıttle coves where we had the place almost to ourselves so there was no chance of meetıng new people!  Eejıt!!   What does he thınk we’re here for???  Recreatıon and relaxatıon or somethıng?  He also frequently demanded we eat lots…. drınk lots… and was also occasıonally encouragıng people to get up and dance!  Absolute looney…. why couldnt he just have left us alone I say!!!  :S

Never mınd the fact that the boat only had loungıng space for 20 and there was 12 of us… nevermınd the terrıbly slow way they decıded to get us back to the harbour by saılıng ınstead of usıng the motor…. nevermınd how damn cold the Medıterranean ıs thıs tıme of year!!!  I tell you … we would have been better off stayıng back home ın Brısbane… and not have to put up wıth wındswept haır and salty skın… fıshes that mıght nıbble on your toes… water so deep you cant touch the bottom….. and layıng around bored on the sundeck all day!!!

Would have been better off back at work I reckon!!!


turkish sunset


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