Drinkies @ Azerbaijan!!!

We had a wee anti-festival drinkies last night… and by wee… I mean wee!!   There was barely 8 of us… but we were a fairly committed bunch… intent on making up for all the serious amounts of lost drinking we were foregoing by not attending festival this year.  And I must say… judging by the bottles this morning, we made a fair dint on that goal!

For special fun and torture, I inflicted my some of my oldest friends on my newest friend…  And I must say the results weren’t as disastrous as they usually are when you throw someone new into a well established social group…. the new friend held up tolerably well, and the old friends (for the most part) behaved themselves.   So we had a pretty good night…  🙂    Shame that the Darkman and his gorgeous little KissGirl couldn’t make the party….. but that, no doubt, could have led to a very different night indeed!    😛

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