Sweet Sweet Mogodons… :(

I’ve thrown all my sleep patterns out the window I think.  I’ve never been one to sleep really well, and lately I seem to be all over the place.  Maybe its the shift work, though in truth I’ve been pretty lucky with my rosters so far, and it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been doing odd shifts at all…. the only problem is, I just can’t sleep in! So if i finish work at 11pm, I don’t end up getting to sleep until 1am…. and then for reasons that totally defy logic, I wake up at 6am regardless.  Which is okay for a night or two, but its becoming far too much of a habit.    I’m feeling really tired at work in the middle of the afternoon, and had to resort to V a few times last week to wake me up a bit (hate the way that stuff makes me feel…)   And the worst thing about being overtired, is that it just makes it so much more difficult to manage the back pain.  I mean the stupid back hurts all day everyday, but when I’m tired…. oh, so much harder to ignore.  😐

Is it too late for a New Years resolution?  Must start going to bed at a reasonable hour!  Must stop staying up all night chatting with strange men on the MSN!  Must learn to regularly sleep in past half six!!!

I’ll give you all night movie marathon
and a triple espresso so you can stay awake
it might be late – but
it’s never too late for that lovin’
my sexy babe

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