Angel Baby

I was driving to the supermarket this afternoon, and whilst I was a bit tired and not really relishing the prospect of dragging the small child around to pick up the groceries, we were bopping along in the car listening to the Cat Empire and all seemed to be tolerably good with the world…..  When from who knows where… Angel pipes up from the back seat with “Mom, when are you going to have a new baby?”  😐

Smack a girl upside the head why don’t you?!??!  Where the hell did that come from???

He has blind sided me before on this topic, but never quite so out of the blue as this one was.  I mean, there’s been no mention of any such thing around here for years… almost literally… years.   I know that in the past he seemed to have picked up on all the horrible baby and IVF stuff.. and I can only assume that happened by osmosis or something, as we’ve never had a direct conversation with him about it all.  It constantly amazes me that for a little guy he doesn’t seem to forget much.  Things can go unmentioned for months on end and then suddenly, like today with no apparent provocation, he innocently asks a question or makes a comment that is about as loaded and unexpected as humanly possible.

Honestly, I have no idea how the little guy’s mind works… and I have no idea why he suddenly came out with this….. but I do know…. it bought me down like a tonne of bricks.

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