Going too far…

I’ve had this discussion with a few friends over the past few months.  Modern morality seems to be on the move at a rapid rate.  When I was in high school, guys would never ask for or expect that their girlfriends would offer up oral sex.  Maybe that’s due to the influence of our parents who were teens themselves in conservative 60s households.  But over the last decade or so, oral sex has been de-tabooed (?? well you come up with a term) for young people.  The idea of having oral sex with a guy you weren’t sleeping with back in the 80s was not even up for discussion… but nowadays, we’re certainly getting the impression that kids (females in particular) think the whole oral thing isn’t  such a big deal and they’ll get on their knees sooner than they’ll get on their backs!  Weird how thing change.  But now… (and this could be a slightly askew glance at current popular culture), my friends and I have come to the conclusion that anal sex is the new taboo.  Is this due to the inundation or pornography in our homes?  I mean you used to have to go out and seek porn… especially if you lived behind the Banana Curtain, but now it’s right here in our lounge rooms and often whether we asked for it or not!

Recently I saw this quote written by one Jay Wiseman, a rather well known proponent of the BDSM lifestyle, which totally reflected how I was thinking on the topic.  I think that for our 60s parents having premarital sex was the big taboo… it wasn’t generally on the table if you cared for your reputation, and those that were getting it on found themselves swiftly married in many cases for various reasons.  Then when we were knocking around in the late 80s, oral sex was still really a no-go zone  for ‘good girls’ , even within seemingly committed relationships.  And now, here we are another 20 odd years down the track, where it seems that anal is the new oral…. 

Are we headed for a free for all where nothing is off the table for our kids?   😐


“In my life I have seen many sexual activities labeled ‘going too far’. When I was a child in an average American neighborhood sex within marriage was permitted, but pre-marital sex was ‘going too far’. I remember when vaginal interciourse was all right but oral sex was ‘going too far’. Then oral sex became more acceptable but anal sex was ‘going too far’. Then came group sex, then bisexuality, then…. Where will this end???”

Jay Wiseman


A few months ago, my garage got robbed.  Now, normally we’ve been paranoid about security around here since our entire house got cleaned out while we were at A&S about five years ago, but since our dodgy neighbours moved away (the ones whose son made it into the Darwin Awards just after we moved here) we’ve been a little less stressed about it.
Anyway, went into the garage a few months ago, and found that the garage had been raided, they took a pushbike, and some stuff from my car…. cds, laptop, and I noted in an absolute panic… my vintage/retro Oakley Frogskin sunglasses with the rootbeer frames and the titanium bronze lens.  I can’t describe how p!ssed off I was to think they were gone.  I’ve had the same pair on sunnies since 1989, which many might think is particularly daggy, but I loved them, the lens are fantastic.  Well eventually they turned up, I must have taken them off in Angels room at some point, and they were on his bookcase.  But it made me think… they’re not going to last forever now are they?

So I did what everyone does when faced with finding an out of date, or no longer in production product… we hit eBay.  I set up a search for Oakley Frogskins and for the past couple of months I’ve been getting emails telling me when someone lists a new pair.  Didn’t think there would be any out there at all, but they came through about a couple each week.  But talk about gobsmacked at the prices some of these were getting.  I’m not the only nut out there who loves my Frogskins.  One pair actually sold for US$207.56!!!

Well I got me a back up pair of Froggies and they turned up in the mail yesterday.  Happy dance!  They’re in immaculate condition, someone must have had them stashed in a drawer somewhere for the last 15 years.  So now the dodgy neighbours can feel free to raid my glovebox whenever they want!  I’m covered.  🙂

fisherman's wharf gold coast queensland
.Sept 1991 – Fisherman’s Wharf – scary big hair!!!

All dressed up and no ? to go…

Okay.  Anyone paying attention may remember my discontent about coming home from a weekend away in CanberraBabylon last December and finding out that I’ve been turned into a character in the World of Warcraft.  Now, I’ve never been one for computer games… never got the habit of them really, probably something to do with the fact that the whole computer game genre was in it’s infancy when I was a teenager, and Space Invaders and Pong didn’t thrill me at all.

So apart from a short lived fling with Caesar III, I’ve never really gotten into them.  From what I understand though, the World of Warcraft is an all encompassing nightmare of a game.  I know people who’ve quit their jobs so they can stay home and play WoW.  I’ve seen people at parties go and hide in back rooms so they don’t miss their scheduled ‘raids’ in WoWc.  I even met one guy who chose to leave his wife rather than quit the WoW.  So far, Mr K and Angel seem to be taking a moderate approach… read:  it’s not been too difficult to drag Angel away to eat his dinner!  I’m hoping that this remains the case, as I am not particularly keen to end up playing the b!tch and forbidding the little guy from playing altogether.

I was kinda hoping they’d get over it, and delete me.  But that hasn’t happened, in fact, now I’m a level 37 elf thing, with a tiger and a wolf (though what I’d want those for I don’t  know).  And… apparently (got sent this from the back room by MSN FTP last night) I have a new sexy pink frock  😐  Yes… Angel wanted to get Mommy a pink frock to run around the WoW in… he’s so sweet.   😐

boryssnorc computer game obsession addiction


Foul and mysterious odour….

Not happy Jan!

I got home from work last night and walked in the door to be greeted by a foul and mysterious odour.  Initially i thought someone had just reheated some hideous left over Chinese food, but then I realised there was no Chinese leftovers in the house, hideous or otherwise.  Couldn’t figure out what it was, and alarmingly seemed to be emanating from my end of the house!  Checked through the entire room, and couldn’t find anything, even the ensuite drains were fine.  That is the problem with air conditioning…. you’re locked in, and when you get something like a bizarre smell in the house, the system just recycles it though.

So now I’m wondering if I have a dead rat/possum/snake or some such in my roof causing the foul and mysterious odour to waft down through the ceilings.  I have visions of decomposing animal carcass dripping down through the gyprock…… ewww.  Gotta get someone to have a scout through the roof for me pronto.  Strangely enough, the smell seems to be gone this morning.

dirty dead rat mess

Down town…


Pakistani suicide bomb kills 15

Pakistani policemen inspect the wreckage at the bomb blast site in Quetta

At least 15 people have died in a suicide attack in the city of Quetta in south-western Pakistan, police say.

The explosion tore through a district courts complex as a court was in session, killing a judge, several lawyers and court officials.  No-one has claimed the attack, which injured dozens of people, police said.  Quetta is
the capital of Balochistan province, where for several years nationalist militants have been fighting for greater autonomy.

A severed head, thought to be the bomber’s, was found in the aftermath of the attack, police said.  “The bomber entered the courtroom, stood leaning against a wall and detonated,”  Balochistan police chief Tariq Khosa told AFP news agency.  Several of the injured are in a serious condition with severe burns.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said the attack was against the Muslim faith and against humanity.  Pakistan’s security forces are already on high alert, following three suicide bomb attacks in the region in recent weeks, says the BBC’s Rumella Dasgupta.  Despite the government’s denials, there are regular reports of Taleban insurgents operating in the province, which borders Afghanistan, our correspondent says.  Pakistan is under pressure from its Western allies who want to see the country doing more to control the highly volatile situation along its western borders.


So this is where MD is….. beautiful downtown Quetta.  These news articles appear in the BBC website with alarming regularity, and every time I see  them, it makes me wonder how bad it does it have to get before they send MD back???  So I send out a ping with a ‘There was a bomb?  You still with us?  and in return, I get a message saying he was about 200m down the street when this incident occurred.

I immediately envisage that his 5 man protection detail must have gone into overdrive, machine guns at the ready, yabbering on mobile phones, and hustling him out into a waiting vehicle, Mission Impossible soundtrack playing … deftly and efficiently manhandling him to safety  in a manner that would do the secret service proud…right?  No!  Not so.  Should have been something like that … but no!  Smart he may be, but common sense occasionally deserts our intrepid MD… he’s 200m down the street from a bomb blast to be sure…   but he’s out carpet shopping… without aforementioned security detail!  Yep that’s right – he’s out carpet shopping for lovely handwoven silk and wool carpets having decided it was a good idea to give his babysitters the slip and go out ferreting for bargains amongst the locals for the day. 

Wonder if he’s going to come back from this posting in one piece at that rate!  🙂