What is with this?  I just popped down the local convenience shop to buy some milk.  But before leaving the house, I brushed my hair, changed into a pair of jeans, and a clean t-shirt.  Now I wouldn’t say I was dressed up by any stretch of the imagination, but… presentable enough that if I ran into anyone I knew down the shop, I wouldn’t have to run and hide in the soup aisle (the soup aisle being the aisle of choice, cos NO ONE buys soup at this time of year in Bris  🙂

Anyway I digress.  This rather large lady walks in wearing thongs and dressed in a large pastel pink t-shirt that comes down to her knees…. reminiscent of those horrid oversized t-shirts they sell at K-mart under the guise of sleepwear.  Bad fashion sense I think to myself.  Then she turns around, and I am horrified to see that this woman walking towards me is jiggling about all over the place, cos SHE’S NOT WEARING A BRA!!!  OMG.  How could anyone go out dressed like that?

But it gets worse.  I am standing behind her in the queue to pay for my milk, and I realise she IS wearing one of those K-Mart t-shirt nighties (complete with teddy bear motif and sickly ‘sweet dreams’ sentiment on the front) ….. and because the silly teenage bints they’ve employed to operate the cash registers are taking so long selling the long haired miscreant at the front of his line a packet of cigarettes, I have enough time to notice that she has no VPL!  So this woman, is out in public at 5pm in the afternoon wearing her nightie, thongs and no bra or panties.

Almost makes one nostalgic for a time before ours when hats and gloves were de rigueur

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