Christmas Sucks

It is that time of year again and I am over it already. I hate racing around shopping to buy gifts for people just because it is December again. We are not religious anymore and hardly place any religious importance on Christmas at all. I much prefer to give people presents for no reason whatso ever when they aren’t expecting gifts. We have just done ‘the thing’ with Hubby’s family yesterday, and I wasn’t feeling too good (not enough sleep the night before, too much sugar the night before and for some unfathomable reason, they didn’t have their air con on!?!). I could have happily forgone the entire thing. And still I have Christmast with my family to look forward too – urgh.

Every year it seems the same thing, and I hate to say it stresses me out (not so bad this year, only one set of OutLaws to deal with the others have stayed safetly in North America thank God). So far I have been lucky – no cracked teeth. Every year around Chritmas and New Year, I inevitably crack one of my bottom teeth from clenching my jaw when I sleep. Has happened every year for about the last five years. So I can honestly say I hate christmas and if it weren’t for Angel who is starting to understand the Santa thing and gets really excited – I think I would cancel it altogether.

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