Hot Hot Hot

My air con is broken. And I know you’re all going to think I’m a spoilt little brat complaining when I say I am so not coping with the situation!..  My House has two easterly windows, and we are in the bottom of a hollow, so we dont get any breeze in this place at all.  And when I say ANY – I mean none what so ever – you can stand in front of the open window and get diddly.  Not to mention that whole – we’ve got air con now, so I guess we wont need those fans anymore thing!  :|…..

    I think I am going to write a country and western song about this…

Oh God, I’m bein’ fried
cos my air con went and died!
(repeat ad nauseum).

It is obvious that I am spoilt rotten as I am not coping with the heat at all. It could have something to do with my body temperature, I remember when the naturopath had me taking temperature measurements ever day for about 5 months, and they noted that I have a lower than normal body temperature – between 34 and 35 degress (when it should be between 36 to 37 degrees. Maybe that is why I feel like I am just cooking when it hits 36 degrees in here – its hotter than my body temperature and we have had humidity into the 80% and 90% which I am sure doesn’t help. I have had a headache for days and even though I am consuming heaps of water a day, I am feeling sooo sick. They better get it back on line for me quickly. I’m melting…..

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